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JingChengLCD light electricity technique limited company


JingChengLCD light electricity technique limited company

JingChengLCD light electricity technique limited company

Guangzhou, Outside India, China

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer, Trader,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1998

JingChengTechnology(Guangzhou) limited company
Is a diversified high-tech company that gathers a development and produce, sell and serves in the integral whole, we are absorbed in modern latest LCD, numerical television receiver and the automobile electronics science and technology product, the product conduct includes to have:The car carries the liquid crystal display series, the company uses the LCD advertisement player series, rent the car LCD advertisement system, the figures frame series, the MP4 player series, numerical television receiver series, car carries the LCD television series, the bathroom mulberry takes the waterproof LCD television series, the LCD television series, the automobile sees system behind, Mr. Hands over the video frequency report station advertisement system etc. Electronics high-tech product.

The company establishes to start namely a space to guard the corporate culture of"make people the center, service highest" and the management principle of"the quality is first, technique innovation", to inside the norm system, manage strictly, follow the way of the trustworthiness outward.

The company depends on the sale troops of[with] the profession technique experience of many year backlogs and the development of the oneself creative ability and high character, obtaining breakthrough continuously in the LCD the manifestation the realm.

Our realizing the quality and service is the life of the business enterprises, developping with customer together is the meaning that we exist, now our garrison gulf District science and technology park, believe that lead in the gulf District science and technology bureau of support with the concern under, our development will be stronger.

Products :

Manufacturers and traders of Touch holds VGA car LCD series, The LCD digital advertises machine, Baby size LCD TV series, BVB-T LCD TV series, DIGIT PHOTO FRAME, Big size LCD TV series, Flip down car LCD TVs/monitors, Set type Car TV AV LCD series, Headrest Sun visor Rear car LCD series.

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JingChengLCD light electricity technique limited company

Big a No.144 gulf District in yellow sand technology park sixth floors 605 room
GuangZhou - 510040 (Outside India) China

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Jingchenglcd Light Electricity Technique Limited Company

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