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AMWEI Thermistor


AMWEI Thermistor

AMWEI Thermistor

Shenzhen, , China

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1999

Manufacturer of PTC & NTC thermistors (THERMally sensitive resistors) and thermistor temperature sensors probe. PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) thermistor application covers over-current & overload protection, telecom, lighting switching, motor starting, temperature sensing & protection, self-regulation heating, linear PTC thermistor, silicon temperature sensor. NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor application covers power thermistor for inrush current suppressing limiting, NTC thermistor for temperature measurement, indicator, temperature compensation, temperature control, in either radial leaded, axial leaded or surface mount configuration. Can also make custom thermistors assemblies and temperature probes, housed in either stainless steel, copper, plastic, teflon, aluminum, epoxy and heat shrinkable tubing, such as air/gas temperature sensors, surface temperature sensors and immersion temperature sensors, etc.

Products :

Thermistors, PTC Thermistor, NTC Thermistors, Temperature Sensor Probe, Linear PTC Thermistor, PTC thermistor Heater, sensing thermistor, control thermistor, fuse thermistor, thermal resistor, silcon temperature sensor, PTC thermistor over-current protector, meat probe, air conditioner temperature sensor, PTC resettable fuses, limit temperature sensor, inrush current limiting power thermistors, Lighting switching PTC Thermistor for preheated starting, ring lug thermistor sensor, ABS plastic NTC sensor for freezer refrigerator, Copper tube NTC thermistor temperature sensor probe, HVAC thermistor temperature sensor, Epoxy air temperature sensor, Stainless steel oven cooker roaster toaster thermistor temperature sensor probe, water heater boilers thermistor temperature sensor, Coffee maker NTC thermistor temperature sensor probe, Threaded stainless steel tube thermistor temperature sensor, silcon tube thermistor temperature sensor, hair beauty temperture probe, Washing machine NTC thermistor temperature sensor

Product Catalog

Epoxy air temperature sensor
Application: thermistor air temperature sensor for air conditioning, and other HVAC application.....

Washing Machine NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor
Application: thermistor temperature sensor probe assembly for washing machine, dish washer, tumble dryer, boiler, etc.....

ABS Plastic NTC Thermistor Sensor Probe for Refrigerator Freezer
Application: Thermistor temperature measurement for refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, floor heating, and other HVAC application, etc.....

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Contact Info

AMWEI Thermistor

11-502, Songpingshan, Langshan Road, North Area, Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan
Shenzhen - 518057 () China

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