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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Telecommunication Products - Trader, Services, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 2000

Products :

We deal in Scintillation Crystals, Scintillation Detectors, Scintillation Probes, Optical Crystals & Optics, Scintillation Phosphors, Plastic Scintillators, Nuclear Standard Modules, Multi-channel Analyzers, Dose Rate Monitor, Plastic Scintillation Type Gas Monitor, Hand-Foot-Cloth Monitor, Ionization Chambers System, Radiation Counters, Survey Meter [Alpha, Beta, Gamma & Survey Meter], NaI[Tl], CsI[Tl], CaF2[Ev], Specialised X-Ray Diffraction Analysis, General purpose C-Ray Diffractometer, Non Crystal Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analyzer, X-Ray Portable Analytical Short-Wave Spectrometer, X-Ray Detectors, Automatic X-Ray Spectrometer, Autonomous Pulse X-Ray Milli microsecond Device, Portable Diagnostic Dental Panoramic Fine Focus X-Ray Apparatus, Crystal Diffraction Elements, Voltammetic Analyzer, Immunoassay Analyzer, Thermoelectric Osmometer Cryoscope, X-Ray Si[Li] Spectrometer, X-Ray Fluorescence Energy Dispersion Analyser, X-Ray CdTe Spectrometer, Gamma Ray CdTe/CdZnTe Spectrometer, Gamma and X-Rays HP[Ge] Planar Detector, Gamma and X-Rays HP[Ge] Spectrometer, Gamma Ray HP[Ge] Coaxial Detector, Gamma Ray HP[Ge] Spectrometer, Portable HP[Ge] Gamma Ray Spectrometer, Si[Li] X-Ray Detector, Universal Power Supply, Low Background HP[Ge] Spectrometer, Trigger Generators, Impulse Generators, Compact Marx Generators, PFN Marx Generators, Blumlein Generators, Self-matched Generators, Insulation Testers, Current Probes, Electric Field Probes, Liquid Resistive Probes, Self Closing Spark Gaps, Triggered Spark Gaps, Rotary Spark Gaps, High Rep-rate Spark Gaps & Accessories, High Voltage Power Supplies, Magnetron High Voltage Power Supply, X-Ray Generators, X-Ray Tube Test, X-Ray Power Supply, Electron Gun Power Supply, PCB Mount DC-DC Converters, PCB Mount High Voltage Power Supply, Resistive Dividers, Light Pulse Generators, Digital Delay/ Pulse Generators,Signal Generators, Nuclear Radiation Meters, LabView Drivers, NIM Voltage Power Supplies, Gas Analyzers, Portable Combustion Analyzers, Stationery Combustion Analyzers, Portable Gas Detectors, Stationery Gas Detectors, Current Monitors, Clamp-On Current Monitors, High Voltage Pulse Transformers, Capacitive.

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A16/ C1, Todi Udyog Nagar,, Uttan Road, Bhayander (West), Thane,
Mumbai - 401101 (Maharashtra) India

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