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Shenzhen, Outside India, China

Telecommunication Products - Export / Import,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1997

Products :

We are exporters of the following products:
Telecom Product:
Bluetooth Headset:- Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth Dongle, Bluetooth Car Kit, Bluetooth Printer adapter, Bluetooth Presenter, Bluetooth Access point, Bleutooth Mouse.
Mobile& Accessories:- Car hold, Car Charger, Travel charger[unniversal], USB connector.
Cordless Phone:- 900m Cordless Phone, Dect Cordless Phone, 2.4g Cordless Phone, 5.8g Cordless Phone.
Voip:- Gateway Equipment, Single Phone.
Two Radios:- Professional Radio, General Radio.
Digital & AV Product:
DVD MPEG4:- Car DVD Player, Portable DVD Player, Home DVD Player.
Portable Audio & Video:- Flash MP3 Player, HDD MP3 Player[Jukebox], MP4 Player.
Storage:- U Flash Drive, Card Reader.
Photographic Equipment:- Digital Still Camera, PC Camera.
Electrical Appliances:
Food Processor, Chopper Or Blender, Hand Blender Or Stickmixer, Juice Extractor, Toaster, Popcorn Maker, Egg Boiler, Electric Kettle, Hair Dryer, Hair Straightener And Crimper And Style Curler.
Networking Products:
Wireless Product:- Wireless NIC, Wireless Access Router, Wireless Access Gateway, Wireless Access Point, Wireless Printer Server, Wireless USB Dongle, Wireless Access Switch.
Wired Product:- Lan NIC, Gateway, Router, Modem, Printer server, HUB, Switch.
Networking Accessory:- Antenna, USB interface equipment, Wire.
PC Products:
Motherboard:- Intel Motherboard, AMD Motherboard.
Cards:- VGA Card, Other Card.
Hard Disk:- 2.5' HDD, 3.5' HDD.
Computer Drive:- CD-ROM&CDRW, DVD-ROM, Combo Drive, FDD Drive.
Monitor:- LCD PC Monitors, CRT PC Monitors, Monochrome Monitors, Industrial Monitors.
Computer Case:- Mini Tower PC Cases, Full Tower PC Cases, Midi Tower PC Cases, Notebook Computer Cases.
Keyboard:- 2 in 1 Keyboard, Wireless Keyboard, Wired Keyboard.
Mouse:- Wired Mouse, Wireless Mouse.
Speaker:- 2.0 speaker, 2.1 speaker, 4.1 speaker, 5.1 speaker.
Earphone:- Wireless Earphone, Wired Earphone.
Cooler:- CPU Cooler, VGA Cooler.
Fans:- DC Fan, AC Fan.
Power Supply:- Switching Power Supply, Uninterruptible Power Supplies.
Enclosure and Mobile Pack:- Mobile Pack.
CD Case
Cable:- Ata/sata Cables, Scsi Cables, Ieee 1394 Cables, Usb Cables.
DDR:- Sd Ram.
Barebone:- Desktop Type Barebone, Notebook Type Barebone.
Printer & Plotter Consumables:- Black Inkjet Cartridges.

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5f, Act Tower, Futian Free Trade Zone,,
Shenzhen - 518038 (Outside India) China

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